Two Weapon Whip Warrior


Arland sports an okay AC (20) but fights from behind the front line. he uses two whips with reach to maintain crowd control. He works best when he makes full round attacks and doesn’t do well against anything that requires him to make a savings throw.


When Arland’s twin brother left to learn to become an inquisitor, Arland ran off to join the circus where he learned to use the whip and handle animals. He impressed his tutors so much with the skill he mastered the whip that he was given his own act. He quit as soon as he made enough money to purchase his own farm.

(more to come)

Arland wears a dark breast plate and always keeps his whips in easy reach around his neck. He has tattoos of Calistria’s symbol on the back of both of his fore arms. He never seems to smile, keeps his head shaved, and often takes walks by himself.


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