Carrion Crown

Investigatin' the Town
Lookin' for life in all the wrong places

FestrogThe Heroes of Revengro (Y’all need to come up with a name!) continue to investigate the town.

The party takes on a new party member from their last fight…a sorcerer who was under the control of the necromancers before. The keep a careful eye on them as they investigate the other buildings.

The heroes met a ghost innkeeper in one of the buildlings. It looked like he was trying to hang himself, but they were able to talk him down. The ghost informed them that if they good bring him the body of the Whispering Way head cultist, Vrood, that he would be able to extract truths and secrets for the heroes.

In one of the buildings, they find Duristav, wounded. He tried to lie to the party, but when they didn’t fall for it, he immediately changed into a werewolf and attacked. The party was divided in how to react. They decided to employ non lethal force and the Kitsune was able to knock him out with a vicious blow behind the head. They cured him of the lycanthrope, but he was still evil, requiring a full attonement to change back to non-wicked ways.

In the next building, the party activated a powerful and deadly haunt. Jorelene managed to act quickly…as it began to manifest, she was able to bath it in holy light causing it to disappate. (Hero point if she reminds me next week).

In the butcher house, the party found two cultists leading a handful of undead including a disgusting creature that had pus filled boils that sprayed up 5’ or more away when attacked. Gross!! The party was victorious, though many of their resources were depleted at that point. They decided to stop for a minute and review their options.

An Unexpected Battle

We had just defeated a very powerful werewolf. Suddenly we found ourselves trapped inside of the building with an army of undead outside. It was clear from their appearance that Fedifensor and Jorilean with their knowledge of religion and based on the testimony of the werewolves we met earlier we could see they were being controlled by necromancers as they appeared more powerful.

We see the minions stop as it appears the necromancers appear to be casting something. As the zombies gather out the door, Fedifensor bursts through the door and catches one of them off guard with his mace, smashing them in good. The battle has begun. One of the enemies uses a spell to attack a group of the skeletons. Where did this guy come from? Garren follows up with his special weapon and does a good amount of damage on them. Arland then moved up and followed with his usual whip attacks. It doesn’t seem to be very effective. The skeletons seem to be using swords. Where did they get them? The sword hits Fedifensor for 19 points of damage. It seems like they can’t be hit easily since after I moved into position I attempted to strike at one and missed.

Fedifensor is hit by one of them after that. I feel like I’m not helping the party much. What can I do? >.< We get them caught in the choke point of the doors so we hold them off and the tanks are able to do their job pretty well. Seems like they want to kick our ass and that’s all they have on their mind. We are able to kill one and the necromancer hisses at the group saying how dare we kill one of her servants…not that she left us with much choice…they are trying to kills us.

I miss an opportunity to hit a skeleton that moves away. The zombies are still being held at the doors.

Eventually Garren picks up a 79 lb. jar and moves it over toward the others. Not sure what’s in it but hopefully it will help.

We’ve managed to kill two of the skeletons when we’ve been colorsprayed one of them. The colorspray didn’t seem as effective as it would have.

Then a fireball hits everyone and I have to dodge carefully. It was effective against the enemies at least.

I finally get a kill as I drive my sword into a zombie on the ground. Yay! X3 A less than honorable kill but still a kill nonetheless. I take kills as I take them when I can.
Once the skeletons are done I charge at the nearest necromancer


and attack them while they’re on the ground, having been tripped by Arland. The necromancer without the help of their minions falls quickly. We notice one of the enemies seemingly becoming dazed.

Upon defeat of the enemies, Fedifensor notices the individual is not evil. We talk to them and they seem to want to join us. We allow them to but let them know we’re keeping a close eye on them. We loot the bodies and come to an agreement on the loot as we move onto the next objective. Seems like I wasn’t as useless in this battle as the last.


Town map

So here we are at our next destination. Our course to find those Whispering Wayholes lead us to this town. The first building (#6) was littered with useless junk. No one seemed to have been here for quite some time.

Boss wolfWait a minute! Who is this group coming from the distance? A group of undead! Careful, don’t let them touch you. Huh? Hardly a match for our group of adventurers. What a disappointment. On to the next building (#8).

Doors barricaded from the inside. Suspicious. *Crack! (broken window). Hmmm, dark inside. Wait one second. “Hey, you there! Yeah you hiding in the shadows, I’m talking to you.” A group of friendly werewolves (Ha, as if a werewolf could be considered friendly) with a story of fear and deadly enemies. To sum it up; they weren’t offering much help until someone, or some group, takes out the werewolf baddies. Sounds like a job for a certain group of adventures itching for some action. Looks are shared with excited grins.

The party walks with confidence to the place the friendlies pointed to (building #10). Time to take the field. Buffs in place, a well placed kick opens the door and the group springs to action. Bad ass attacking leads to tripping and dropping of werewolf baddies. What? They got one of us. They try to run away with a hero? I don’t think so. *WHIiTSCH!! Plunk! Baddie boss go boom. One hero is down, but it is not looking good for the villians. It was a fight to the finish and one that was gratifying.

Who else wants some?

To answer that call comes a couple of necromancers. *Ding! Round two. Fight!

The Leah Diaries

Dear Diary,

Something is not right. It seemed like I have woken up from a dream. Only this reality is more unreal than the dream itself. All these familiar faces and memories, everything is just how I remembered they were before I fell unconscious, Fedifensor even remembered the “incident” which happens at Kendra’s house, and little details only my trusted party member would know, yet, the only thing that they all seemed to have forgotten is… me…
I am positive that everyone in the party once agreed to keep my secret safe, even including the Paladin, who was apprehensive towards me as always, have agreed to put me on “probation”. I wouldn’t blame him, he is a Paladin after all, and Perlivash do look a little… dead…

What causes them all to suddenly acted so strangely?

I could only offer one explanation, compulsion.

I wasn’t going to bring this up until I am absolutely certain what we are up against, and if my theory was correct, none of our party would’ve believe in a word that I say anyway. I have studied for this and seen it with my own eyes before. The victims will never know their original memories. Seems like “he” managed to compel all of us and somehow I managed to break free. I should lay low and not to put the rest of the party at more risk.

Pharasma, please give me the strength to hunt down this evil abomination and the rest of it’s kind.

Find the Trident

PerlivashA confused Arland inquired about Leah’s condition. She seemed to skirt around the issue and mentioned she was just as confused, but insured him that she was not undead. Arland then inquired in what circumstances a person (not undead) would be healed by negative energy and learned that there could be a few reasons including curses and diseases. Leah, who appeared not concerned, assured Arland she was fine and didn’t need any help in diagnosing or treating her condition. No one else took any interest in the matter so Arland let it drop. Arland asked Jorilean to memorize a few harm spells just in case she needed to heal Leah in combat.

The nymph reminded the party about the missing trident, and they decided to go talk to the man they had just arrested. They walked to the jailhouse confident that they could convince the gentleman to see logic and help in their search. After exchanging pleasantries with the man, it became apparent that he was less than able to help them locate the Nymph’s heirloom.

Our heroes decided to return to the fortress to continue looking in places they might have missed. Inside the fortress, they ran across the depressed, starved beast who was missing his father. A few rations were not enough to feed him, so Jorilean got the wonderful idea of purifying one of the constructs they killed and the beast was finally placated. The beast was then able to focus on the questions regarding the tridents location and he informed the party that the cloaked visitors (Whispering Way members) took the item with them. The party started to make for Askinor Lodge; which is where the party had previously learned was the Whispering Way’s next destination from here.

SpidermanThe heroes traveled to Askinor Lodge by way of an old hunting trail they had learned about. The trail would cut through Shutter Woods and save them a few days. The eerie forest was full of tall pine trees that blocked out the sun. Along the trail, the party was ambushed by humanoid creatures that resembled spiders. They flung webs at the party to trap them and ran close to try to feed on their pinned captives. Fortunately, the party was able to free themselves as quickly as the spidermen could snare them in their webs. From the woods emerged a familiar barbarian orc, who helped the party fight off the ugly forest dwellers.

After the last of the spidermen ran away, O’ck took Takehiko aside to inquire about Leah and the epidermisless Perlivash. Jorilean was so excited to see O’ck she asked Fedifensor to marry them. After a short ceremony, the party continued on their way.

Further down the trail a beautiful sound could be heard coming from an eerie structure. Unable to resist the musical sound, the party investigated the noise. Inside the structure were cocoons and dried up elf, human, and goats. The source of the noise was a gigantic worm that hid in the back. The worm attacked Garren. The party worked furiously to overtake the worm. The worm proved to be fierce and was almost able to kill Leah. Leah was knocked unconscious and in bad shape before Jorilean was able to put her hands on Leah. Jorilean must have been preoccupied with the excitement of her recent wedding because she didn’t remember to use the harm spells she memorized just for Leah. It was a miracle that Leah didn’t die right there. Everyone had to have been wondering why a suicidal Leah was suddenly so eager to hold onto life. But again, after the lack of interest shown earlier in the day, perhaps not.
Fighting the worm
Fedifensor, showing the party why he’s the leader, was able to position himself behind the worm distracting it enough to take him down more quickly.

Reviving Leah

While Leah and Fedifensor covered the rear against the Black Pudding, Garren rushed forward against the gruesome beast. Arland moved up to help his brother fight the creature by taking him to the ground with a trip attack. Takehiko gathered his senses and rushed forward to circle the beast.

Fedifensor and Leah finished first and turned around to help the others. Takehiko with a quick flash of his blade cut deep into the beasts skull. The beast finally collapsed; his head splitting open as the ninja wrenched his blade free.

“Check out that trapdoor,” Takehiko points to a door on the ceiling as he wipes his blade clean. “That’s adamantine, we could get 3k gold for that.”

The party stood in the broken entrance to the bottom floor of the small tower. Stairs to the left led upwards. After searching the room and taking time to heal after the battle, they ascended to the second floor.

Lab mechThe second floor was filled with a mechanical contraption. A wall had a diagram of instructions to generate power for the machine with lightening. An illegible journal was discovered on one a table. The party decided to continue moving up the next set of stairs to the third floor.

The third floor contained a large glass container filled with a clear liquid. Inside was a dead woman. Next to the glass container was an iron maiden. Two eye holes in the maiden revealed a pair of blinking eyes that looked at the party with terror. Stairs circled up to another floor. Another beast resting on the ceiling watched as the party came into the room. It dropped down and attacked Fedifensor.

Takehiko was the first to react. He was hit by the creature when trying to flee and was helpless as his body became paralyzed. Arland took a step back and attacked the creature losing a whip as the beast grabbed the weapon and slung it to the other side of the room. Other members left the room. Fedifensor stood in defense until the party was able to retreat safely. Arland picked up Takehiko and carried him out of the room. With the party out of the room, Fedifensor followed the party back to the second floor.

On the second floor Garren and Takehiko looked through the diagram and machine to determine the purpose of the contraption. From the diagram, they were able to determine another machine was placed on the top of the tower. One device called a storm, the other would command the beast. The party decided they must get to the roof and would have to scale the outside of the tower to do so.

Arland climbed out the window and started moving up. He took a glance inside the third floor window as he passed. The beast was circling upset he missed his chance for a quick meal. Arland pondered a moment about trying to make a grab for his whip, but decided against it and continued to the roof. At the top, he tied a knotted rope and dropped it for the others to climb up; Fedifensor remained below.

Takehiko started using the machine to call the beast but Garren pushed him out of the way, “You’re going to break the damn thing. Let me do this.”

LighteningLightning flashed and hit a party member. Noise came through a trapdoor on the roof. Arland moved on top of it to try to keep it closed. Not a good idea. The trapdoor flung open and Arland successfully landed on his feet as the third floor creature moved his way up to the roof. Another lightning flashed and struck another party member. Garren stayed on the device to control the beast.

As the party tried to hold their own against the beast on the roof, Fedifensor ran up to the third floor and worked to free the man locked inside the maiden.

BeastThe beast of Lepinstadt finally showed up as the party was barely staying alive against the third floor creature. Fedifensor finally pulled the man out of the maiden. The two beasts wailed on each other while the party tried to give aid and dodge lightning bolts.

Leah collapsed from one of the bolts and stopped breathing. After a few more moments, the Lepinstadt beast released a torrent of blows that killed the other and the remaining party (that was conscious) watched as the third floor beast fell from the roof.

The man, freed from his prison, wept and pleaded with the party to not turn him in. He gave a sob story and promised that he had learned his lesson. He blamed the Whispering Way for the events of Lepinstadt and offered to pay the party for their silence. The party contemplated it but the discouraging look from Fedifensor straightened them out.

ClergyThe party attempted to heal Leah who was barely conscious but ended up doing more damage to her. Arland picked her up and decided to carry her to town. Takehiko and Garren grabbed the adamantine trap door before leaving for the town.

In town, Arland headed to the church of Calistria afraid that Leah’s condition might discourage help from the temple of Pharasma. The clergy of the Sacred Sting welcomed Arland and asked what was wrong. After explaining the situation and verifying that he was a follower they took Leah to the inner sanctum where the high priest could help.

Arland explained again Leah’s condition and asked if there was anything that could be done for her. The high priest was pleased to assist believing that he and Leah were intimate. The priest revived Leah and mentioned that they could now be together. Arland, pleased with the help received, offered for the high priest to have first dibs on Leah. Leah protested to the advancements and mentioned she was not interested. The high priest without skipping a beat understood and said the church could fill those desires too. He called forth a female member and Leah’s eyes sparked up as a beautiful woman entered the room.

“Can you give us some privacy?” Leah apprehensively asked of the woman. The lady turned to walk out and Leah sent eye daggers at Arland who couldn’t stop smiling.

“Hey, you needed help and this is the only place I could think of.” Arland said defensively. “The others wanted to send you to the temple of Pharasma, but I think that would have been a mistake.”

The Fortress on the Cliff

The party gets cured of blindness. The sea nymph takes a liking to Jorilean. The party turns in for the night. Kendra shows disappointment when Arland makes his way to show patronage to his deity. The next morning the party visits the store for last minute supplies before heading out.

MtnlionThe party gets back to the cliff. Arland volunteers to climb the ledge first. He takes his armor off for the climb and has little trouble going up. At the top, he’s greeted by a mountain lion. Arland fed the hungry creature then set up a rope to help the party scale the cliff.

The party discovers a fortress at the top of the cliff. A path lead to the front gate which was corroded shut. When the party attempted to break the door down, they found the place was flooded with water as the gate released a rush of water spilling out. Jorilean was unable to get out of the way in time and was swept up and carried to the cliff edge; almost going over in the process.

Inside the fortress, there was a staircase to the north that was buried in rubble and a hallway that ran east and west. The party went to the east and was trapped in a room that quickly filled with water and undead. Nothing was more impressive than watching how well Arland was able to attack with whips under water.

WaterzombieAfter struggling with the undead, the party was able to eventually overtake them. Fedifensor pulled the lever at the bottom of the pool to reopen the hallway and release the water. Takehiko checked the door to the north and opened it. The room was covered with water, but the floor to the center was much deeper. Convinced that the pool in the center of the room was inhabited, the party threw a ration into the middle. A creature known as a basilisk was seen taking the bait. From what Jorilean knew about the creature, the party made a decision to go back the other way and head west at the gate.

LeechesNot learning any lessons from the earlier fight, the party tripped another trap. Again, the hallway closed behind the party and the room filled with water. A look at the lever that opens the room uncovered a swarm of leeches. Jorilean was able to cast a spell to stun the swarm for a few seconds and gave Arland enough time to pull the lever to open the room and release the water. The party stepped away from the leeches as they shook off the effects of the spell. Leah and Jorilean finished them off with fire.

Flying monkeyThe door to the north revealed a room similar to the one with the basilisk but with cages, broken scaffolding, and flying creatures. The hungry little bastards skipped the greeting and attacked the party: one was bold enough to fly past the front line and go straight for Leah in the back. It grabbed ahold of Leah as she gave a shriek of death. She was still shrieking (prepared to die) when the creature was torn apart. The party overtook the rest of the flying chimps with ease and continued with the search of the fortress.

The party pulled out a ladder and climbed to a door to the east from where the scaffolding had fallen. Through the door led to a hallway at the top of the rubble covered stairs. The party circled back and used the ladder to go through the top door. The door opened up to another hallway heading east. There were two doors on either side of the hallway to the north and south and one door to the east.

The door to the north-west led to an abandoned room similar to the others. The door to the south-east led back into the room with the basilisk. The door to the north-east was wedged closed and took Fedifensor and Garren a couple of minutes to bash open. Inside the room lived a hungry black pudding waiting for escape.

Tower guardianThe party, not well equipped to handle the inhabitant, retreated through the east door with the pudding in pursuit. A bridge to the east led to a lone tower on a separate rock pillar from the cliff the fortress occupied. Not taking the time to admire the view, the party rushed to the other side while Leah laid pillars of fire to slow and damage the creature hunting them. Fedifensor fell to the rear of the party and yelled, “You shall not pass!” as he stood prepared to engage the hunter.

Takehiko and Garren worked to open the door to the tower not knowing what was on the other side. Garren loosened the door enough for Arland to rip the door from the hinges with his whips. Inside stood a large construct anxious to greet the fleeing adventurers.


When the party returns to the room beyond the secret door through the walkway to the north where they fought the rust monsters, they find a dual whip wielding warrior and an Inquisitor taking down the last of half a dozen bugbears.

The twins faced the party as they came in and introduced themselves. Garren and Arland were hunting down a group called the Whispering Way. After the introductions the party decided to join forces in searching for their common enemy.

They continued over a chasm by crossing over a rickety bridge. The other side contained a small ledge with a door and a few statues. Not leaving anything to chance the party pushed the statues over the ledge before continuing through the door.

on the other side of the door was a couple of benches and a small square room with doors on every side. The party stepped back as they heard movement from the door to the north and a small demon walked through. The party quickly killed the creature and discovered it was attached by a short length of rope to a larger demon with three other smaller demons like the first attached by a leash.

As the party prepared for an assault another group of demons assembled in similar fashion opened the door to the south. The party held their ground and were able to quickly dispose of the unwelcome hosts.

The party searched the room to the south and found a secret door that lead to a basement. In the basement was a desk and small hidden chest in the ceiling. Arland pulled the chest down with his whip and set off a gas trap. Arland, shakened by the fumes refused help and pushed the group forward to the room to the north.

MhThe room to the north appeared to be a warehouse with a number of closed crates and a couple of tables. The party with loot in their eyes decided to find out what the crates contained. All the crates held straw except for one that held six flying Medusa heads. The Medusa heads seemed excited to see the party and started flying around the room and tried to get acquainted with the party by biting and screaming at them.

Someone from the party recognized the creature and warned the others of the possibility of turning to stone from their bites. The party initially fought defensively and took opportunities to strike the creatures as they approached. The heads abandoned the fly by attempts in exchange of screeching at the party so the party charged them and quickly showed them their own form of greeting.

After clearing the room of the Medusa heads, the party returned to the small room with two benches and doors on each wall. They went to the room to the west and were disappointed to find nothing of value there or anyone interesting to meet.

The door to the north held a couple of sarcophagi. One of the sarcophagi attacked the paladin when he got close enough. The creature slowly drew the paladin into itself. Some party members tried to pull the paladin out without success. Other members attacked the creature and was able to kill it before it was able to finish eating it’s victim. The party was rewarded for the encounter with a couple of items the sarcophagus contained to lure its prey.

Soa ocean nymphThe northern room had two other exits: a door to the north that led to a cliff trail and a staircase that led down. The party, hesitant to travel the sketchy chasm trail, decided to take the stairs.

The stairs led to a room with a container that the paladin could easily recognize as evil. Unsure how to proceed, the paladin decided to smite the evil with his weapon. Inside the bottle was a sea nymph entrapped inside the evil container. The smite broke the bottle and killed the sea nymph in the process.

The distraught party decided to take the nymph back to town to see if they could revive her. After paying for the resurrection, the clerics were able to bring the nymph back to life. Unfortunately, as soon as the nymph drew her first breaths, the party were struck with blindness at witnessing her beauty.

Divisions In The Wilderness

((We’re experiencing a change of a number of players, so I’ve written this entry to help bridge the gap))

As O’ck slayed the last rust monster, a huge grin crossed his lips. “That was good.”

Fedifensor looked at several pieces of his armor and weapons, clearly affected by the touch of the beasts. “That’s easy for you to say. I’m afraid that we’re going to have to head back to town. It’s not wise for me to press forward with half rusted armor. This stuff looks like it could break any minute.”

Leah peps up. “What about the beast?”

Fedifensor looks at the sorceress. “He’ll have to hang tight an extra day. This place is infested with a lot more monsters than I expected. We won’t be in good to him if we’re torn to shreds.”

She nods in agreement, and the party heads back to Lepidstadt. Half way on the trip back, they pause for a 15 minute meal break. O’bk breaks out another “Dragon Jerky” he obtained earlier.

“MmmMMmm…this is yummy!” The half-orc’s schlurping sounds could be heard yards away. Leah turns around, clearly frustrated. “That’s it. I have tried the direct approach. I have tried to be understanding. But this ends now!” Her hands start afire.

Fedifensor steps in between to what is clearly going to be a problem. “Look, O’ck could you stop, you know, eating that?”

“Why should I?”

“Because I asked nicely.”

“O’ck eat what O’ck want, metal man.”

“Excuse me?” The paladin replied.

O’ck continues to eat the meat rather loudly, clearly ignoring Fed’s direction. His hand reaches for his mace. “No one insults me in such a manner and…”

O’ck jumps up, tossing aside the rest of the jerky. “O’ck bored. Too much talk, not enough smashing. O’ck find something more fun to do.” O’ck pats the paladin on the head. “O’ck see you later, metal man”

“What?” the paladin asks, a bit surprised.

And at that, O’ck walks off into the forest.

“Should we go after him?” the Kitsune asks.

“Hell, no.” replied Leah.

After returning to town, resting, repairing and returning to the redoubt, the party did not see O’ck again.

The Invitation, Part 2

Click here for first part!

O’ck’s ear started to burn, rousing him from the boredom that is second watch. “Lady?” he whispered into the night, holding the earring gently. “Yes, the druid left, as you thought she would.” A little while later… “Yes, you saw it correctly. The newcomer was killed, as was the one we were told to look for. A tragedy, that”, he finished, once again listening to what his lady was saying. “Yes, I have the materials that you asked for.” He rooted around in his backpack and pulled out a bag, which quickly shimmered, the contents replaced. Surprised, he looked in the bag and found some scrolls. After a bit more listening, “Yes, I’ll give them to Kendra. These will strengthen our gear?” He listened a bit more, and said, “Good night milady. I’m sorry for your loss.”

The next morning, O’ck handed the scrolls over to Kendra. “What are these?” she asked him to which he replied, “They make stuff stronger! This one makes my armor stronger! Pretty Lady said so!” Intrigued, she looked over the papers mumbling to herself, before incanting the spell on the scroll. A brilliant flash of lightning arced from the cloudless sky and hammered into O’ck’s chest, knocking him flat and drawing the attention of the others.

“Not ouch”, O’ck said to himself as he picked himself up, looking at his scale armor. It was not the same: where once the scales were dull, now they shined… “Now them turns”, he said, pointing to the others.

GM’s Note: These events are pending a “Good” ending of the Forzega campaign. It may be best to not explore this too much further as the rest of that particular story has yet to be told.

Fluff: Kendra will have to study further to learn how to properly use the enhancement scrolls. As she learns, she will be able to apply those enhancements to the team.

Crunch: This will take place upon successful completion of the Forzega campaign with a “Good” ending. Once completed, Kendra will be able to give any Carrion Crown player who participated in the Forzega campaign a one time +1 enhancement to any weapon or armor (Some limitations may apply).


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