Carrion Crown

The Z-Men: Enter the Barbarian

“My name is Fedifensor. Yes, I know it’s a strange one. It means “Defender of the Faith.” My dad heard tales of this powerful Holy Avenger stolen by the githyanki that roam the Astral Plane. He spent years searching for it before finally abandoning the quest to marry my mom. Now when I get a sword I am going to name her “Lenore.” Len and I will carve out our legend throughout these lands. She will be my bride until I get old and retire. I’ll probably do that at 22 or 25.

Well today, the Z-Men were hired to aid some farmers with bear trouble. Two new heroes answered the call today in the midst of battle. Aramis, a ranger provided covering fire while I strove to keep the baby bear’s attacks focused on me. I did a really good job at that because after one particularly vicious claw attack I found myself prone on the ground. With heroic resolve, I returned to my feet. Standing over 6 feet tall, I secretly pride myself of being the team’s big man. This other new guy looks like a human tree with a hammer stuck to its trunk. He dispatched the first bear and we turned in unison to face a huge demonic bear.

The barbarian’s opening attack gained the demon spawn’s attention. A bite and shake felled the shaggy man tree. Inspired by his bravery, I knelt to reach my prone companion. A quick prayer and some of the barbarian’s wounds heal up. I deftly blocked the bear’s next attack with my shield. A strange cry bursting from his chest, the barbarian smashes the beast. This time it is the demon that falls and a fel spirit leaves the beast. Soon it too fell to the Z-men.

I wish life could be lived on the battlefield. Things are so much simpler there. Returning to town, I found myself haggling with Father G for supplies that we need to defend their town. I’m not looking to profit from their plight but these warriors are under my protection. I need money to get them the tools we need to do this job. I hate when the people we were hired to save get tight fisted and miserly. After all of us promised to go to church on Sunday, I secured a new hammer for my barbarian buddy. His child like delight at being able to hit bad ghosts almost bought a tear to my eye but I blamed it on the dusty musty store.

Better equipped, the Z-Men return to the prison to look for the Lopper and the rest of his ghost gang.

Leah's Secret

Silvie wanders around the house of the late Professor Lorrimor, looking for something to do one night after their investigation. She saw Leah writing in a book, at a desk in a communal area adjacent to their two rooms. Silvie thought to herself, “Hmmm, I have seen her writing in that book for a few nights now, isn’t that a spellbook? She must be preparing some crazy spells for the next day, I better stay out of her way hehe” She hops around with a little frog she had summoned, and suddenly stops. “But how could that be? I thought she said she was a sorcerer?”

Later that night, after Leah had tucked Perlivash in bed and her bedroom candles had been put out. Silvie waited for a few more moments and bounced near the table where the spell book lies. She looks around the room innocently, making sure she wasn’t been watched. “They all went to bed.” Silvie thought to herself. “Just a little look won’t harm anyone I guess…… right? Who knows? Maybe Leah has been lying to us this whole time?” Silvie hesitated, but not long until her curiosity took over. She reaches into her pocket and pulls out a little frog, quickly touches the spellbook with it and ducks underneath the table. “Phew, nothing blew up heh.” She approaches the spell book again and turns to a random page……

24 Gozran 4710 AR

Dear Diary,

Dragons, what are they? What do they really look like and are they all evil? I was once told there were heroic acts by them in our recorded history, some even proven to be great allies with men, but the more I am trying to research about them, the more I wish mum had never told me I am not of her own on my 18th birthday. I know she is doing this for me and believes I have the right to know, it must’ve been hard for her too to see me go……

Today we came across a Wyvern. I am still learning Draconic and it doesn’t look like it wanted to have a chat with us. Of course we decided to run because I was told Wyverns are always aggressive and impatient, most of them simply can’t be bothered with the subtlety of diplomacy, and prefer to fight first. The Dragons thinks they are nothing more than primitive savages, lack style or wit and tends to look down upon these creatures. I just think he looks at me like I look at my lunch. So I guess I am not a dragon. A poor pony got taken away but better him than us I suppose……

Need to put Perlivash in bed now. Talk to you later my friend!


Welcome to your Adventure Log!
No Party Too Diverse

Log Entry by Takehiko

The adventurers Fedifensor, Levania, Leah, Silvie had returned from Horrorstone after hearing about the fate of the warden and the other prisoners and guards there from the spirit of the warden’s wife. They were going to be staying at Kendra’s home for the night. Upon arriving, the four had encountered a strange humanoid fox creature. He was a Kitsune from a distant land by the name of Takehiko. The professor’s daughter introduced him as a friend that had saved the professor’s life on one of his many expeditions.

After a pleasant evening and a well-deserved feast, the party members went to bed and took shifts keeping watch. The frog girl, Silvie, after narrowly deciding to neglect her duties during her watch, investigated a knock at the door. The lumbering horror that suddenly broke the door off of its hinges to get inside was none other than the reanimated corpse of the late professor. Silvie hurried to wake the others. The other adventurers came out of their room to meet the surprise threat, ill equipped due to the lack of preparation time. Leah hurried straight to Kendra’s room since the young woman had awoken from the loud noise of the door breaking and convinced her to stay put. It would have been a much more difficult to deal with situation if she were to see her dead father walking around.

Pulling together their resources, the group soon finished off the undead professor and managed to keep Kendra from seeing her father’s corpse, despite several close calls. Before the sun came up, the adventurers followed Fedifensor as he carried the corpse back to the graveyard. He gave the corpse a proper burial once again, the first being done by Father Grimburrow. Leah stayed behind to watch over Kendra at the house while the others watched the paladin give the professor his last rights.

The group decided to use the remaining hours of night to rest up for the next day. After daybreak, the group had to confess to Kendra that the house was attacked last night, but still kept the fact it was her undead father from her. After a rude awakening for Silvie, and an otherwise uneventful breakfast, the party left for Father Grimburrow‘s to shed some light on the mysterious reanimating of the professor’s corpse.

After a less than-helpful conversation regarding that particular topic, the party decided to investigate another matter brought to their attention by the long-winded preacher.

Upon arriving at the farm the five group members overheard the farmers at Billy Bob’s farm talking about the farm hand getting mauled by a rather large bear. Takehiko decided to use his shape changing abilities to appear as a human, not wanting the already over-excited farmers to start a panic. Fedifensor assured the group that they’d look into it and travelled to the location of the cave pointed out to them by the farmers.

After a series of pathetic attacks by Takehiko (Dang it. DX), the group managed to bring the angered young adult bear to a damaged state just as a much larger bear appeared. This one matched the farmer’s descriptions as the one that attacked the farmhand.


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