Takehiko Means Bamboo Prince.

He had to flee the palace as his uncle’s samurai clan wanted the power of his father. His parents were killed by the fire that engulfed the palace as he fled with his teacher/god father.

They made their way as refugees out of the country and travelled with a circus across the continent.

Working as stable cleanup for the animals…but also picking up acrobatics and other tricks from the ninja’s that performed for said circus.

His Teacher is the one that taught him Ninjutsu and the other skills taught to all Kitsunes.
Since the circus they travelled with weren’t kitsunes.

They managed to survive being outcasts by working at the circus doing the most demeaning jobs and keeping their muzzles shut.

By the time he reached 21 and has been living around that area ever since. He had to take care of his teacher after he caught a disease in his old age that he couldn’t fend off due to being new to the area.

Eventually he buried his Master, having taught the young kitsune everything he knew. He had served his purpose in life. After that Takehiko made his way from town to town, getting fed and taking on jobs when he could. He was biding his time until he could return back home and reclaim his honor and position of power.

Of course, as all Kitsunes are, Takehiko is good at telling stories and makes a good deal of coin at taverns telling groups of adventurers his tall tales.


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