Halfling frog druid


Silvie the halfling was abandoned at birth into a “dump” swamp. Luckily for her, numerous semi-intelligent frogs inhabited the marshlands. These frogs were smart enough to feel emotions, enough to care for the abandoned halfling. They kept her safe and nurtured her growing mind and body.

After hitting her teens, Silvie became curious about the world outside of her froggie domain. So she ventured out on many occasions (equipped with her frog cloak that the frogs had made for her), to find others like her. Unfortunately, all that greeted her was despair. She found towns where throes of homeless slowly starved to death in the back alleyways. Thieves and robbers would accost her at every turn (being one of the few who did not look homeless). There were many times death stared her in the face and nothing but luck saw her through each day. She began to hate people and under this great stress, Silvie slowly started to go mad. She began talking to herself and started seeing a creature who shared her hatred. This deeply unnerved the halfling, and thus she started to hate herself for such feelings. In order to protect herself, she subconsciously accumulated all her hate and anguish and gave it to her other self, the creature who joined in her hatred of people

The result is a happy, mischievous frog-girl, who enjoys enjoys the company of others, but has a knack of causing trouble (a remnant of her change), but underneath her cheerful demeanor lies a being consumed of hatred and misery.


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