Half-Orc, born with a massive hammer in his hands


O’ck is a wild barbarian from the deep wilderness of Forzega that stepped through a portal one day while chasing someone through the woods. He doesn’t know where he is from, he has been wandering aimlessly for around 10 years. He is a half-orc, standing at around seven and a half feet tall and weighing more than 300lbs. He has leathered, dark skin, is completely bald and sports a bushy, flame red beard. He is scarred pretty much head to toe, a testament to the battles he has fought.

He wears a suit of red scale armor, the scales from a giant salamander that is native to his homelands. While they impart no special protection, they have been protecting him for as long as he can remember, and he thus keeps them in very good condition. In battle he wields massive hammers.

O’ck speaks a very broken common, yet speaks the orcish tongue quite eloquently. He doesn’t really get along with full orcs, or with humans either, but he will protect anyone that he thinks needs protecting, which has led him to Galorian. He also has a tendency to refer to people by characteristics, rather than by name. He has a tendency to get very… bored… when not in combat, so he leaves the discussions and planning to his companions.



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