Kendra Lorrimor

Daughter of the Late Professor


Kendra Lorrimar
Human, Female
5’11" 140 lbs
25 Years Old
Brown Hair, Brown Eyes


From the time she was about 11 years old and her mother passed away, Kendra has had to fend for herself. Her father, the late Professor Lorrimar, loved her, but was oftentimes caught up in his work, which would take him away from home. One of the house servants would see to her daily needs, but Kendra had to learn much about life on her own.

She often dreamed of traveling with her father to dangerous areas, helping him to expose the darkness of evil forces. However, he would never agree to take such a young child with him. By the time she was old enough, he sent her off to mage’s school to learn arcane arts. Upon her return, she asked once again to go with him, but he always found a reason to leave her behind. He managed to pacify and quell her adventuring spirit, somewhat, by giving her access to his library and journal notes. She helped him in researching from the libraries while he discovered secrets on the field.

Although he was getting on in years, Petros’s death was rather sudden for this 25 year old woman. With very few people coming to her father’s funeral, clear hatred from some of the people, and her last surviving relative passed away, she leans on the party, per her father’s request, to look out for her while she gets her emotions and his things in order.

Kendra Lorrimor

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