A lost Sea Nymph currently following the Heroes of Revengro


Jalulli was captured a long with many other fantasical creatures, monsters, etc., by the Whispering Way. They had taken over the home of Count Alpon Caromarc, who created a golem known as The Beast of Lepenstadt. The Whispering Way used the Beast directly while it acquired a number of other creatures for use in experiments…the exact purpose of which is still relatively unknown.

The heroes stormed the castle, destroying many of the containers holding evil creatures of various types along the way. Unfortunately, one of the containers oozing with evil magiks caught the eye of Fedifensor, who quickly made work of it with his mace, destroying the already fragile life within. Discovering that this creature was not evil, the party rushed the body of the discovered Nymph to the temple of Pharasma and paid to have the resurrection ceremony performed.

Upon revival, she immediately (and quite literally) blinded all around her with her natural beauty. After being cured of t heir blindness (and putting some needed clothes on the sea nymph, the party agreed to help her find her lost home. She indicated that with the help of her trident, since stolen by the Whispering Way, that she could quite possibly do just that. The party has recently found the trident at The Temple of the Moon.



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