Carrion Crown


Town map

So here we are at our next destination. Our course to find those Whispering Wayholes lead us to this town. The first building (#6) was littered with useless junk. No one seemed to have been here for quite some time.

Boss wolfWait a minute! Who is this group coming from the distance? A group of undead! Careful, don’t let them touch you. Huh? Hardly a match for our group of adventurers. What a disappointment. On to the next building (#8).

Doors barricaded from the inside. Suspicious. *Crack! (broken window). Hmmm, dark inside. Wait one second. “Hey, you there! Yeah you hiding in the shadows, I’m talking to you.” A group of friendly werewolves (Ha, as if a werewolf could be considered friendly) with a story of fear and deadly enemies. To sum it up; they weren’t offering much help until someone, or some group, takes out the werewolf baddies. Sounds like a job for a certain group of adventures itching for some action. Looks are shared with excited grins.

The party walks with confidence to the place the friendlies pointed to (building #10). Time to take the field. Buffs in place, a well placed kick opens the door and the group springs to action. Bad ass attacking leads to tripping and dropping of werewolf baddies. What? They got one of us. They try to run away with a hero? I don’t think so. *WHIiTSCH!! Plunk! Baddie boss go boom. One hero is down, but it is not looking good for the villians. It was a fight to the finish and one that was gratifying.

Who else wants some?

To answer that call comes a couple of necromancers. *Ding! Round two. Fight!



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