Carrion Crown

True Confessions

Still weary from the long walk back from the prison, Fedifensor leaned heavily against the door before lightly knocking with a mailed fist. “Father, it’s me, Fedifensor. I am really sorry to bother you this late. I have sinned and I will probably add to that sin and probably doom the entire town unless I can work this out.”

He replies, “Sure…sure. Come on in.”

It’s not dark yet, but it will soon be. One of the acolytes is busy lighting various candles and activating magically lit lanterns. The Father walks at a calm pace as he leads you to his office. He motions for you to sit down as he closes the door.

“What can I help you with, my son?”

Forgive me Father for I have sinned….and I plan to sin again. Everyone else is alright with it but I am still angry and I want to hit him. I don’t care if he kills me; I have no problem with dying for what I believe in. That goes with my job description.

We found the remains of the warden. I wanted to preserve the body to give to the wife and then do a proper burial. One of my party, O’ck the Barbarian, smashed the warden’s skull to dust. His wife was happy just to have his badge of office but a good man’s body was desecrated and I couldn’t stop it. I challenged the barbarian to a duel and he ignored me.

Besides being insulted, I find it hard to be kind to him. I understand that he is not that intelligent but what he did is still wrong. If either of us die in a duel, it makes it that much harder for your town to be protected. I am tempted to wait until its all over to call him out again but I fear if I keep that harboring in my spirit for that long, I will lose my paladinhood and become a mere fighter.

“I see.” Father Grimburrow leans back in his chair, stroking his chin. The light from the lantern on his desk provides a steady light that casts an eerie shadow of his profile against the wall. You almost did not believe it possible, but he looks even older in this light.

“Your feelings are natural, my son. You have seen wrong take place, and you wish to correct it. There is nothing wrong with that. However, what is important is how you treat these feelings. You see, the big one just acts of impulse. That is not the way of Pharasma’s disciples. We act in accordance with the will of her holiness, and the law of the land.”

“Your friend has desecrated the undead….and the undead of a hero, at that. While it’s certainly not the most grievous of sins, such behavior is uncivilized and unacceptable. I doubt you will convince the uncivilized one to make proper restitution of her holiness, but he will need to pay his debt to society. You should report the infraction to the good sheriff. I’m sure he will know how to best address this issue.

“in the mean time, my son, you have a decision to make. I understand that you have agreed to take this one into your group because of his prowess with a weapon. However, it is clear that his mindset is not like yours. While he seems innocent enough in his thinking, he methods are unpredictable and chaotic. Such souls can be lead by men, such as yourself, to perform deeds of good that can please the deities. However, it can be stressful and problematic when faced with their complete disregard for the traditions and ways we have been taught. This one, he is a powerful force, but you have to decide for yourself whether the ends, and the good he can do under your direction, justifies the means.

“I do not feel he is evil, however, just very chaotic in his way of thinking. As you ponder your direction, keep in mind that, perhaps, the Sunflower crossed his path with yours in order that, over time, you might show him a better way.”

“I thank you, Father.” Fedifensor exhales, tension flowing out of his shoulders.

“I will file my report with the Sheriff now. May the Great Head of the Church continue to shine through you as you display His light, glory and guidance in this town.” Tightening his armor, he begins to exit the sanctuary until he spies the door to the practice yard. His eyes bounce between the two doorways. “…Well, I guess I can file the report in a half an hour or so…”



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