Carrion Crown

The Leah Diaries

Dear Diary,

Something is not right. It seemed like I have woken up from a dream. Only this reality is more unreal than the dream itself. All these familiar faces and memories, everything is just how I remembered they were before I fell unconscious, Fedifensor even remembered the “incident” which happens at Kendra’s house, and little details only my trusted party member would know, yet, the only thing that they all seemed to have forgotten is… me…
I am positive that everyone in the party once agreed to keep my secret safe, even including the Paladin, who was apprehensive towards me as always, have agreed to put me on “probation”. I wouldn’t blame him, he is a Paladin after all, and Perlivash do look a little… dead…

What causes them all to suddenly acted so strangely?

I could only offer one explanation, compulsion.

I wasn’t going to bring this up until I am absolutely certain what we are up against, and if my theory was correct, none of our party would’ve believe in a word that I say anyway. I have studied for this and seen it with my own eyes before. The victims will never know their original memories. Seems like “he” managed to compel all of us and somehow I managed to break free. I should lay low and not to put the rest of the party at more risk.

Pharasma, please give me the strength to hunt down this evil abomination and the rest of it’s kind.



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