Carrion Crown

The Invitation, Part 2

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O’ck’s ear started to burn, rousing him from the boredom that is second watch. “Lady?” he whispered into the night, holding the earring gently. “Yes, the druid left, as you thought she would.” A little while later… “Yes, you saw it correctly. The newcomer was killed, as was the one we were told to look for. A tragedy, that”, he finished, once again listening to what his lady was saying. “Yes, I have the materials that you asked for.” He rooted around in his backpack and pulled out a bag, which quickly shimmered, the contents replaced. Surprised, he looked in the bag and found some scrolls. After a bit more listening, “Yes, I’ll give them to Kendra. These will strengthen our gear?” He listened a bit more, and said, “Good night milady. I’m sorry for your loss.”

The next morning, O’ck handed the scrolls over to Kendra. “What are these?” she asked him to which he replied, “They make stuff stronger! This one makes my armor stronger! Pretty Lady said so!” Intrigued, she looked over the papers mumbling to herself, before incanting the spell on the scroll. A brilliant flash of lightning arced from the cloudless sky and hammered into O’ck’s chest, knocking him flat and drawing the attention of the others.

“Not ouch”, O’ck said to himself as he picked himself up, looking at his scale armor. It was not the same: where once the scales were dull, now they shined… “Now them turns”, he said, pointing to the others.

GM’s Note: These events are pending a “Good” ending of the Forzega campaign. It may be best to not explore this too much further as the rest of that particular story has yet to be told.

Fluff: Kendra will have to study further to learn how to properly use the enhancement scrolls. As she learns, she will be able to apply those enhancements to the team.

Crunch: This will take place upon successful completion of the Forzega campaign with a “Good” ending. Once completed, Kendra will be able to give any Carrion Crown player who participated in the Forzega campaign a one time +1 enhancement to any weapon or armor (Some limitations may apply).



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