Carrion Crown

The Fortress on the Cliff

The party gets cured of blindness. The sea nymph takes a liking to Jorilean. The party turns in for the night. Kendra shows disappointment when Arland makes his way to show patronage to his deity. The next morning the party visits the store for last minute supplies before heading out.

MtnlionThe party gets back to the cliff. Arland volunteers to climb the ledge first. He takes his armor off for the climb and has little trouble going up. At the top, he’s greeted by a mountain lion. Arland fed the hungry creature then set up a rope to help the party scale the cliff.

The party discovers a fortress at the top of the cliff. A path lead to the front gate which was corroded shut. When the party attempted to break the door down, they found the place was flooded with water as the gate released a rush of water spilling out. Jorilean was unable to get out of the way in time and was swept up and carried to the cliff edge; almost going over in the process.

Inside the fortress, there was a staircase to the north that was buried in rubble and a hallway that ran east and west. The party went to the east and was trapped in a room that quickly filled with water and undead. Nothing was more impressive than watching how well Arland was able to attack with whips under water.

WaterzombieAfter struggling with the undead, the party was able to eventually overtake them. Fedifensor pulled the lever at the bottom of the pool to reopen the hallway and release the water. Takehiko checked the door to the north and opened it. The room was covered with water, but the floor to the center was much deeper. Convinced that the pool in the center of the room was inhabited, the party threw a ration into the middle. A creature known as a basilisk was seen taking the bait. From what Jorilean knew about the creature, the party made a decision to go back the other way and head west at the gate.

LeechesNot learning any lessons from the earlier fight, the party tripped another trap. Again, the hallway closed behind the party and the room filled with water. A look at the lever that opens the room uncovered a swarm of leeches. Jorilean was able to cast a spell to stun the swarm for a few seconds and gave Arland enough time to pull the lever to open the room and release the water. The party stepped away from the leeches as they shook off the effects of the spell. Leah and Jorilean finished them off with fire.

Flying monkeyThe door to the north revealed a room similar to the one with the basilisk but with cages, broken scaffolding, and flying creatures. The hungry little bastards skipped the greeting and attacked the party: one was bold enough to fly past the front line and go straight for Leah in the back. It grabbed ahold of Leah as she gave a shriek of death. She was still shrieking (prepared to die) when the creature was torn apart. The party overtook the rest of the flying chimps with ease and continued with the search of the fortress.

The party pulled out a ladder and climbed to a door to the east from where the scaffolding had fallen. Through the door led to a hallway at the top of the rubble covered stairs. The party circled back and used the ladder to go through the top door. The door opened up to another hallway heading east. There were two doors on either side of the hallway to the north and south and one door to the east.

The door to the north-west led to an abandoned room similar to the others. The door to the south-east led back into the room with the basilisk. The door to the north-east was wedged closed and took Fedifensor and Garren a couple of minutes to bash open. Inside the room lived a hungry black pudding waiting for escape.

Tower guardianThe party, not well equipped to handle the inhabitant, retreated through the east door with the pudding in pursuit. A bridge to the east led to a lone tower on a separate rock pillar from the cliff the fortress occupied. Not taking the time to admire the view, the party rushed to the other side while Leah laid pillars of fire to slow and damage the creature hunting them. Fedifensor fell to the rear of the party and yelled, “You shall not pass!” as he stood prepared to engage the hunter.

Takehiko and Garren worked to open the door to the tower not knowing what was on the other side. Garren loosened the door enough for Arland to rip the door from the hinges with his whips. Inside stood a large construct anxious to greet the fleeing adventurers.


Absolutely, positively, two thumbs up!

The Fortress on the Cliff

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