Carrion Crown


When the party returns to the room beyond the secret door through the walkway to the north where they fought the rust monsters, they find a dual whip wielding warrior and an Inquisitor taking down the last of half a dozen bugbears.

The twins faced the party as they came in and introduced themselves. Garren and Arland were hunting down a group called the Whispering Way. After the introductions the party decided to join forces in searching for their common enemy.

They continued over a chasm by crossing over a rickety bridge. The other side contained a small ledge with a door and a few statues. Not leaving anything to chance the party pushed the statues over the ledge before continuing through the door.

on the other side of the door was a couple of benches and a small square room with doors on every side. The party stepped back as they heard movement from the door to the north and a small demon walked through. The party quickly killed the creature and discovered it was attached by a short length of rope to a larger demon with three other smaller demons like the first attached by a leash.

As the party prepared for an assault another group of demons assembled in similar fashion opened the door to the south. The party held their ground and were able to quickly dispose of the unwelcome hosts.

The party searched the room to the south and found a secret door that lead to a basement. In the basement was a desk and small hidden chest in the ceiling. Arland pulled the chest down with his whip and set off a gas trap. Arland, shakened by the fumes refused help and pushed the group forward to the room to the north.

MhThe room to the north appeared to be a warehouse with a number of closed crates and a couple of tables. The party with loot in their eyes decided to find out what the crates contained. All the crates held straw except for one that held six flying Medusa heads. The Medusa heads seemed excited to see the party and started flying around the room and tried to get acquainted with the party by biting and screaming at them.

Someone from the party recognized the creature and warned the others of the possibility of turning to stone from their bites. The party initially fought defensively and took opportunities to strike the creatures as they approached. The heads abandoned the fly by attempts in exchange of screeching at the party so the party charged them and quickly showed them their own form of greeting.

After clearing the room of the Medusa heads, the party returned to the small room with two benches and doors on each wall. They went to the room to the west and were disappointed to find nothing of value there or anyone interesting to meet.

The door to the north held a couple of sarcophagi. One of the sarcophagi attacked the paladin when he got close enough. The creature slowly drew the paladin into itself. Some party members tried to pull the paladin out without success. Other members attacked the creature and was able to kill it before it was able to finish eating it’s victim. The party was rewarded for the encounter with a couple of items the sarcophagus contained to lure its prey.

Soa ocean nymphThe northern room had two other exits: a door to the north that led to a cliff trail and a staircase that led down. The party, hesitant to travel the sketchy chasm trail, decided to take the stairs.

The stairs led to a room with a container that the paladin could easily recognize as evil. Unsure how to proceed, the paladin decided to smite the evil with his weapon. Inside the bottle was a sea nymph entrapped inside the evil container. The smite broke the bottle and killed the sea nymph in the process.

The distraught party decided to take the nymph back to town to see if they could revive her. After paying for the resurrection, the clerics were able to bring the nymph back to life. Unfortunately, as soon as the nymph drew her first breaths, the party were struck with blindness at witnessing her beauty.


Can anyone do the last adventure’s journal, please?


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