Carrion Crown

Investigatin' the Town

Lookin' for life in all the wrong places

FestrogThe Heroes of Revengro (Y’all need to come up with a name!) continue to investigate the town.

The party takes on a new party member from their last fight…a sorcerer who was under the control of the necromancers before. The keep a careful eye on them as they investigate the other buildings.

The heroes met a ghost innkeeper in one of the buildlings. It looked like he was trying to hang himself, but they were able to talk him down. The ghost informed them that if they good bring him the body of the Whispering Way head cultist, Vrood, that he would be able to extract truths and secrets for the heroes.

In one of the buildings, they find Duristav, wounded. He tried to lie to the party, but when they didn’t fall for it, he immediately changed into a werewolf and attacked. The party was divided in how to react. They decided to employ non lethal force and the Kitsune was able to knock him out with a vicious blow behind the head. They cured him of the lycanthrope, but he was still evil, requiring a full attonement to change back to non-wicked ways.

In the next building, the party activated a powerful and deadly haunt. Jorelene managed to act quickly…as it began to manifest, she was able to bath it in holy light causing it to disappate. (Hero point if she reminds me next week).

In the butcher house, the party found two cultists leading a handful of undead including a disgusting creature that had pus filled boils that sprayed up 5’ or more away when attacked. Gross!! The party was victorious, though many of their resources were depleted at that point. They decided to stop for a minute and review their options.



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