Carrion Crown

Find the Trident

PerlivashA confused Arland inquired about Leah’s condition. She seemed to skirt around the issue and mentioned she was just as confused, but insured him that she was not undead. Arland then inquired in what circumstances a person (not undead) would be healed by negative energy and learned that there could be a few reasons including curses and diseases. Leah, who appeared not concerned, assured Arland she was fine and didn’t need any help in diagnosing or treating her condition. No one else took any interest in the matter so Arland let it drop. Arland asked Jorilean to memorize a few harm spells just in case she needed to heal Leah in combat.

The nymph reminded the party about the missing trident, and they decided to go talk to the man they had just arrested. They walked to the jailhouse confident that they could convince the gentleman to see logic and help in their search. After exchanging pleasantries with the man, it became apparent that he was less than able to help them locate the Nymph’s heirloom.

Our heroes decided to return to the fortress to continue looking in places they might have missed. Inside the fortress, they ran across the depressed, starved beast who was missing his father. A few rations were not enough to feed him, so Jorilean got the wonderful idea of purifying one of the constructs they killed and the beast was finally placated. The beast was then able to focus on the questions regarding the tridents location and he informed the party that the cloaked visitors (Whispering Way members) took the item with them. The party started to make for Askinor Lodge; which is where the party had previously learned was the Whispering Way’s next destination from here.

SpidermanThe heroes traveled to Askinor Lodge by way of an old hunting trail they had learned about. The trail would cut through Shutter Woods and save them a few days. The eerie forest was full of tall pine trees that blocked out the sun. Along the trail, the party was ambushed by humanoid creatures that resembled spiders. They flung webs at the party to trap them and ran close to try to feed on their pinned captives. Fortunately, the party was able to free themselves as quickly as the spidermen could snare them in their webs. From the woods emerged a familiar barbarian orc, who helped the party fight off the ugly forest dwellers.

After the last of the spidermen ran away, O’ck took Takehiko aside to inquire about Leah and the epidermisless Perlivash. Jorilean was so excited to see O’ck she asked Fedifensor to marry them. After a short ceremony, the party continued on their way.

Further down the trail a beautiful sound could be heard coming from an eerie structure. Unable to resist the musical sound, the party investigated the noise. Inside the structure were cocoons and dried up elf, human, and goats. The source of the noise was a gigantic worm that hid in the back. The worm attacked Garren. The party worked furiously to overtake the worm. The worm proved to be fierce and was almost able to kill Leah. Leah was knocked unconscious and in bad shape before Jorilean was able to put her hands on Leah. Jorilean must have been preoccupied with the excitement of her recent wedding because she didn’t remember to use the harm spells she memorized just for Leah. It was a miracle that Leah didn’t die right there. Everyone had to have been wondering why a suicidal Leah was suddenly so eager to hold onto life. But again, after the lack of interest shown earlier in the day, perhaps not.
Fighting the worm
Fedifensor, showing the party why he’s the leader, was able to position himself behind the worm distracting it enough to take him down more quickly.



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