Carrion Crown

Divisions In The Wilderness

((We’re experiencing a change of a number of players, so I’ve written this entry to help bridge the gap))

As O’ck slayed the last rust monster, a huge grin crossed his lips. “That was good.”

Fedifensor looked at several pieces of his armor and weapons, clearly affected by the touch of the beasts. “That’s easy for you to say. I’m afraid that we’re going to have to head back to town. It’s not wise for me to press forward with half rusted armor. This stuff looks like it could break any minute.”

Leah peps up. “What about the beast?”

Fedifensor looks at the sorceress. “He’ll have to hang tight an extra day. This place is infested with a lot more monsters than I expected. We won’t be in good to him if we’re torn to shreds.”

She nods in agreement, and the party heads back to Lepidstadt. Half way on the trip back, they pause for a 15 minute meal break. O’bk breaks out another “Dragon Jerky” he obtained earlier.

“MmmMMmm…this is yummy!” The half-orc’s schlurping sounds could be heard yards away. Leah turns around, clearly frustrated. “That’s it. I have tried the direct approach. I have tried to be understanding. But this ends now!” Her hands start afire.

Fedifensor steps in between to what is clearly going to be a problem. “Look, O’ck could you stop, you know, eating that?”

“Why should I?”

“Because I asked nicely.”

“O’ck eat what O’ck want, metal man.”

“Excuse me?” The paladin replied.

O’ck continues to eat the meat rather loudly, clearly ignoring Fed’s direction. His hand reaches for his mace. “No one insults me in such a manner and…”

O’ck jumps up, tossing aside the rest of the jerky. “O’ck bored. Too much talk, not enough smashing. O’ck find something more fun to do.” O’ck pats the paladin on the head. “O’ck see you later, metal man”

“What?” the paladin asks, a bit surprised.

And at that, O’ck walks off into the forest.

“Should we go after him?” the Kitsune asks.

“Hell, no.” replied Leah.

After returning to town, resting, repairing and returning to the redoubt, the party did not see O’ck again.



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