Carrion Crown

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Takehiko’s Log

We were in a battle with Stirges and Flaming skeletons. Levaniah was a little preoccupied with something for the fight but despite the lack of a mage and ranger we did the best with what we had.

The piper of illmarshEventually the frog girl druid, Sylvie was it?…was captured by some chains during the chaos. From what she had told us while unconscious she’d encountered a druid female that had told her that the rest of us had abandoned her for dead. She thought she was dead at first but she managed to see through the druid’s lies and defeated Father Charlatan or The Piper of Illmarsh in a battle of wills to the death. He had been controlling the illusion or something. Silvie appeared alive but unconscious from our side of her illusion but I’m just thankful she’s okay. If it was me that chains had grabbed, I fear the outcome would have been much more troublesome.

Father charlatanI’m still confused a little by everything that happened but the important thing is we defeated Father Charlatan and the Piper of Illmarsh so that’s two down, three to go.

Nearly everyone in the party had expended their spells during that trip to the prison…who would have thought we’d encounter two of the big bad five in one fight? I suspect we should be more prepared now that we know how dangerous things can be, but I digress.

The party, exhausted but victorious decided to retreat to Ms. Lorrimor’s residence for the night. I’ve been noticing the Inn owner gazing flirtatiously at O’ck. Methinks she may have a thing for him. O’ck doesn’t seem to notice or care, though. After our supper we retreated to our rooms and the night was uneventful for once.

A knock at the door during breakfast nearly caused me to drop my chopsticks. The party was a bit surprised from the sheriff. Telling us about farmer Gibs’ strange behavior in the jail from the night before. We didn’t think much about it at the time. The only one that had an idea on how to deal with it was someone skilled in religion and the occult. Fedifensor had a feeling it was related to the strange things going on in town, as did the rest of us I assumed. He instructed Sheriff Benjan Caeller to have someone take a look at Gibs…someone that was skilled with this sort of thing, Father Grimburrow.

We all went shopping after that. I didn’t buy anything but the party upgraded some of their gear; namely, our tank, Fedifensor. He’s pretty devoted to the protection of the party. I’m glad he’s on our side, though I think he could stand to lighten up a little.

After we prepared ourselves for another venture into the prison, we went first to the spirit of the Warden’s wife. Vesorianna informed us that her condition was improving with the removal of two of the five spirits that were endangering her existence. She also warned us that The Splatter Man’s reach extended beyond that of the prison walls. Fedifensor and I had the same idea…that was most likely what had caused the behavior of Farmer Gibs that night the sheriff was holding him. After departing from the warden’s wife, we made our way down the stairs where we had first encountered the flaming skeletons. Vesorianna

From my position in the party’s movement line I could see signs above the four doors that out of that room in the different directions. Fedifensor remembered what the others said but I wasn’t paying much attention, trying to focus on potential dangers that could occur at any moment. I made out a few words he said though.

South, I have the reaper.
Nevermore South.
East Hell’s Basement. Lopper
Mosswater maurader.

Through a vote, we decided to go through the East chamber. It had seen better days. The damp cold had led to years of neglect and damage against the supporting beams in the mine-like cavern. The light was poor and I could see only a little better than the other more-human like companions with me.

O’ck went first into the larger cavern that the tunnel led out to. A knee deep pool of water hid an unknown danger that didn’t reveal itself until O’ck progressed forward. Frog off, Damnit. O.o We were worried Sylvie would run toward the water again. Frog girls and their love of water.

A water creature that looked like those in the stories of scary stories parents had told their children rose out of the shallow pool of water. It seemed almost impossible that it would have been able to fit in there. Nessie is what the party members called it. I had never seen a creature like it in my travels but it seemed to have some reputation. The creature tried to attack O’ck. However after I had thrown a shuriken at it, it was revealed to have an incorporeal body. The one time my attack has a chance to hit in who knows how long and it’s ineffective. :/

A magic weapon scroll was used by the paladin; making me consider to myself I may need to learn something about magic and its uses and maybe I should get one of those scrolls too…in cases of emergency like this.

After many moments in what seemed like a difficult battle I drew my bow and using the special arrows the party’s ranger usually used, I managed to strike a good arrow into its skull and things seemed to be going well…until Fedifensor made it pissy.

Pissy Nessie was coming at the party, striking wildly and even downing O’ck, our main damage dealer with his magic sword. Even laying on his back, the Half-Orc managed to get a second wind and swung his hammer from his prone position and struck the monster’s head as it came down to lunge at him. The critical strike was enough to silence the beast as his hammer practically took its head off.

Nessie kill

Inserted drawing O’ck did.
The spirit of the monster was calmed in defeat and we got some sweet loot.

On the way back to the Inn, the journey was uneventful. When we got back to the Inn, O’ck was eating more dragon steak, something that he tried to get Miss Lorrimor to try but she turned down his offer. Still the way she looks at him isn’t very subtle.

I should really make sure to get on Sylvie’s good side and try to cheer her up. Not that she seems to need it. Our primary healer’s welfare should be priority only to that of the tanks. I’m hoping our next trip into Harrowstone goes just as well. Now I need to get to bed before my candle runs out of wax.


Wow! Super nice job, man! I give it 1 Hero Point/PP and a random Skill point as a bonus! Great stuff!!

Continued from Previous Log

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