Carrion Crown

An Unexpected Battle

We had just defeated a very powerful werewolf. Suddenly we found ourselves trapped inside of the building with an army of undead outside. It was clear from their appearance that Fedifensor and Jorilean with their knowledge of religion and based on the testimony of the werewolves we met earlier we could see they were being controlled by necromancers as they appeared more powerful.

We see the minions stop as it appears the necromancers appear to be casting something. As the zombies gather out the door, Fedifensor bursts through the door and catches one of them off guard with his mace, smashing them in good. The battle has begun. One of the enemies uses a spell to attack a group of the skeletons. Where did this guy come from? Garren follows up with his special weapon and does a good amount of damage on them. Arland then moved up and followed with his usual whip attacks. It doesn’t seem to be very effective. The skeletons seem to be using swords. Where did they get them? The sword hits Fedifensor for 19 points of damage. It seems like they can’t be hit easily since after I moved into position I attempted to strike at one and missed.

Fedifensor is hit by one of them after that. I feel like I’m not helping the party much. What can I do? >.< We get them caught in the choke point of the doors so we hold them off and the tanks are able to do their job pretty well. Seems like they want to kick our ass and that’s all they have on their mind. We are able to kill one and the necromancer hisses at the group saying how dare we kill one of her servants…not that she left us with much choice…they are trying to kills us.

I miss an opportunity to hit a skeleton that moves away. The zombies are still being held at the doors.

Eventually Garren picks up a 79 lb. jar and moves it over toward the others. Not sure what’s in it but hopefully it will help.

We’ve managed to kill two of the skeletons when we’ve been colorsprayed one of them. The colorspray didn’t seem as effective as it would have.

Then a fireball hits everyone and I have to dodge carefully. It was effective against the enemies at least.

I finally get a kill as I drive my sword into a zombie on the ground. Yay! X3 A less than honorable kill but still a kill nonetheless. I take kills as I take them when I can.
Once the skeletons are done I charge at the nearest necromancer


and attack them while they’re on the ground, having been tripped by Arland. The necromancer without the help of their minions falls quickly. We notice one of the enemies seemingly becoming dazed.

Upon defeat of the enemies, Fedifensor notices the individual is not evil. We talk to them and they seem to want to join us. We allow them to but let them know we’re keeping a close eye on them. We loot the bodies and come to an agreement on the loot as we move onto the next objective. Seems like I wasn’t as useless in this battle as the last.


Good stuff. You get a hero point IF you remind me when we meet in a couple of weeks. Oh, and there was something that Arland found on one of the skeletons. Will he remember to look at it? Hmmmm….

An Unexpected Battle

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