Carrion Crown

A Problem with Orcs

Takehiko’s Log

No sign of O’ck the following morning of the huge disagreement between him and the paladin. Someone I didn’t recognize, Ms. Kravitz was her name according to the person nearest me I asked, visits and complains about some of the party members. She’s a little paranoid and saying stuff about O’ck organizing an attack against the town. She mentioned orcs and since he was half-orc, I was interested in finding out more about this. I didn’t want to believe he’d try attacking the town with a band of them…he didn’t seem the type. It was clear she was the town gossip. She amuses me.

Shortly after she left, we asked Kendra where we might find some research assistants, most of us not being the studious type. After talking amongst ourselves we determined which we can research. We can have Kendra help research Splatterman. Fedifensor and I don’t have the knowledge needed.
Kendra does the research at the prison while our party kept watch.

Professor Ferimor was his name…
Merging with a quarter-fox succubus that caused him to change his study to one of named obsession with a person’s link and what happened to that name of their name. He would spell his victim’s name one letter at a time until killing them in an intricate trap; much like a serial killer. The warden’s wife is the one whose name is being spelled on the statue, something I discovered only to learn the rest of the party had already figured it out. I guess that comes with the territory of joining a group of adventurers after they’ve been in the town for a few days already.

We check the side quest board and we see the sheriff needs investigating into Orcs that are gathering near town. The sheriff tells us about it and deputizes us under the insistence of Fedifensor. He might be an effective tank and adventurer, but sometimes I fear his compulsion to follow the rules might get in the way of completing something someday.

We determine the best course of action is spending the night at Kendra’s along with Fedifensor and Leah before checking into the Orc thing.

A commotion is happening outside after a woman screams and we go to investigate. People gathered around the gazebo as we see an R written in blood on it.
One of the farmers says they killed his sheep. That’s where the blood came from. Sherriff Caeller says the guy was locked up. They talked about the probability of a second accomplice. Fedifensor follows the farmer to his barn and from the looks of things the sheep’s head looks like it was hacked off by a dull blade or a weaker person, before it was bled out.

Fedifensor makes an urgent errand to the Messenger Office, sending out an emergency message to all of the Z-Men…wait…is that right?…Who names an adventuring group that…really? Anyway, he’s trying to rally the troops in no later than 2 days…running out of time on the name thing.

We follow the lead on the orcs for now and find their trail using my super ninja perception. XD
We follow the orc’s trail and we find ourselves in the grasslands once again facing an army of orcs.
We overhear a scouting party. Fedifensor and myself drew our bow and nodded to each other as we knocked arrows and both fired at the same time at two of the three orcs. The paladin’s arrow hit but I miss, hitting their huge WoW style shoulder pads. Leah cast shield on herself. “Damn, why do they have to have armor?” My second attack doesn’t fare much better as the next arrow bounces off one of their helmets.
Fedifensor comes to save me. Leah is shaking her head at me like I did something foolish. :/
I learned how to use abilities efficiently. I call out they’re very pissed as I go to the ground from a critical attack. From my barely conscious form I can hear the sounds of battle in the background. I hear Fedifensor battling against two monsters as eventually I hear a magic missile pierce the air and
It’s called kiting bro. Leah is awesome and kites while drawing there attention and I revive myself and use a potion to heal Fedifensor to health just before Leah topples the other two orcs. The four melee fighters are on the ground.

Fedifensor is pissed and comes back with a vengeance, his sword seemingly glowing. We finally defeated them and I got scolded by Leah. Her fiery temperament somehow causing me to become interested in her.

O’ck happens upon the party while we’re interrogating him.
Blood oath of vengeance on the town. Since their guard was killed by one of the town’s guards
Three challenges are taken according to O’ck’s translation.

The first is a race, O’ck manages to defeat his opponent using his superior abilities.

The second is a cave, fighting a dragon without armor and weapons. Fedifensor braves this challenge, using his stealth, he manages to sneak up on the dragon and defeat it using his guile.

The third is a fight against their champion, a well armored giant. This time I kept my distance as I felt Leah’s glares on the back of my neck, attacking from afar with my bow, the arrows bouncing harmlessly off.

With Fedifensor and O’ck attacking mercilessly against the giant monster our party eventually emerged victorious. As the oath stated, the orcs left the town without much fuss since we had completed the challenges and won. We then went to the Sheriff to give him the good news.



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